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About Us

TripleNet Investors has helped many professionals, individuals and companies invest both  in the US and South Africa property markets  in real estate to a value close to $1 billion plus in acquisitions, development and consulting.

We specialize in providing an end-to-end private banking property solutions internationally, specializing in South Africa and the USA.

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Buying in the USA

Should you decide to invest in the residential market, which is contrary to TripleNet Investors’s thinking, please consider the following:

  • Difficulties with Residential Tenants.
  • Is the property really going to pay for itself?

Do you really want the hassles and complications in any residential properties when there are safer and more secure alternatives?

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Most people in property say, “location, location, location.” Nonsense! – it is “Identify, Research, Accurate Information, Fundamental Analysis and a great team of experts!” to be successful. For this reason we screen hundreds of offerings before selecting our target properties.

We work with only the top experts in their respective fields of real estate (Legal and Tax).

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Services Provided

In our efforts to allow our clients the experience of a smooth and easy acquisition, TripleNet Investors will:

If needed, we’ll assist with relocation specifically for purchasing or renting a home in the US:

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Trust Deed Investing

As an alternative option to purchasing “REO”, “Fix & Flip” and “Tenant from Hell” properties, Trust Deed Investing will definitely build your net worth, avoid management headaches and be much more secure:

  • Quick Returns: Investment Terms are typically for 1 to 2 years, and interest is paid out monthly.
  • Margin of Safety: low loan amount to high property value ratio (loan-to-value: 60%-65%).
  • Security: TripleNet Investors requires borrowers sign personal guarantees for each loan making them liable individually not just through a corporation.

Invest confidently with TripleNet Investors using this best kept investing secret!

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Triple Net Leased (NNN) Properties

Triple Net Lease Properties (NNN) are a great way to fund your kid’s education and feel secure each night about your real estate investment.

Triple Net Lease Properties (NNN) are appealing to those individuals, or their trusts, who wish to invest in commercial real estate investments with relatively low risk, solid long term income sheltered by depreciation, capital gains advantages and little to no management responsibility. The investor can sell-out, often with a profit, or can simply hold the property, allowing it to further appreciate in market value, and lease it again at a higher rate to the original tenant or a new tenant when the lease term expires.

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