Why Invest

There are three main reasons to invest; you can beat inflation, achieve financial goals like buying a car or paying for college, and save for retirement.

With banks paying excruciatingly low interest rates, money kept in a “savings” account or Certificates of Deposits (a.k.a Certificates of Depreciation) are earning interest at rates that don’t even keep pace with inflation. So, you need to find the best place to put your money to beat inflation by a substantial amount. Average interest rates on savings accounts are currently less than 2%. It’s clear your future will not just take care of itself. It’s not a question of whether to invest, but rather of what to invest in and gaining the knowledge to do so. Let our web site be your knowledge base.

One strategy that investors have been using for years is that of diversification. You do this by having investments in a range of financial vehicles such as real estate, stocks and bonds. TripleNet Investors is the real estate choice for your hard-earned dollars.

Compared to the U.K. and Europe, the US is the safe haven for overseas investors and they are stepping up investments in the U.S. amid the Continent’s debt crisis. Foreign direct investment includes long-term bets by companies and individuals such as corporate acquisitions and real estate ventures, but not purchases of Treasury bonds and other U.S. securities.

By familiarizing yourself with Triple Net (NNN) Leased properties, Trust Deed investing, and TripleNet Investors’s expertise, you will discover the real estate investing techniques used by the wealthy for years.